For the successful realisation of MARKONI’S mission
we have the real pleasure to co-operate with the following organisations and institutions:

The Bulgarian Association For Quality Language Services .“OPTIMA”
The Markoni’s LC is one of OPTIMA’s full-fledged members.

OPTIMA is the only organisation in Bulgaria, empowered to implement the accreditation mechanism for quality language services.

Pearson – Longman, Bulgaria.
Since its foundation in 2005 The Markoni’s LC has mainly been using Pearson-Longman textbooks, literature and teaching materials. The high results of our students on the internationally-recognised exams of two independent examination boards are a guarantee of the QUALITY of the Pearson-Longman products we use at MARKONI’S.

Many thanks to our colleagues from Pearson – Longman, Bulgaria for all their assistance, support and wonderful co-operation over the years.
It is our honour to be partners with the LEADERS in the field.

Cambridge ESOL – Examination Board of the University of Cambridge,
which in 2011 officially authorized MARKONI’S as a an Exam Preparation Centre for the ESOL exams of the most prestigious university in the world – University of Cambridge.

Thus The Markoni’s LC became one of the very few schools in Bulgaria which are awarded the Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre logo.

AVO-Bell – Language and Examination Centre
University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Authorised Centre and Cambridge ESOL Teaching Qualifications Centre.

Thanks to our co-operation with AVO-Bell tens of children and teenagers from Botevgrad and the whole region sit for the Cambridge ESOL exams, which are held at The Markoni’s Language Centre in Botevgrad.

British Council Bulgaria
University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Authorised Centre. The Markoni’s Language Centre has been co-operating with the British Council in Sofia since 2005.

In 2012 the Markoni’s LC became a member of honour of the British Council Exams Partnership Programme ADDVANTAGE, which is intended for language schools from all over Bulgaria, whose students sit for the Cambridge ESOL exams held at the British Council Examinations Centre in Sofia.

Bulgarian Examination Board
which is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria for the PEARSON Tests of English – Pearson Tests of English General, Pearson Tests of English Young Learners and Pearson Tests of English Academic

In March, 2009 MARKONI’S became an Authorized Test Centre for Botevgrad region for the Pearson Tests of English General and Pearson Tests of English Young Learners, which enabled tens of children and teenagers to sit for the prestigious exams and later to be awarded the valuable PTE certificates.

our major IT partner. Thanks to Atlantis Net technologies are making our teaching and learning process more effective. Besides, we DO THANK Atlantis team for the construction and design of our Internet home –
one of our major media and promotion partners. Thanks to our productive co-operation more than 7000 people daily become well informed of the high achievements of MARKONI’S students.

one of our major media and promotion partners. Thanks to them the initiatives of MARKONI’S intended to contribute to the realisation of the mission of the school have been popularised among thousands of viewers from the region of Botevgrad for years.

“Botevgradski Vesti Plus”
a leading local newspaper, thanks to which the achievements of MARKONI’S students and the success of the school have gained the public interest since the foundation of the language centre.