Mrs. Gergana Muhovska


I was born and raised in Botevgrad. In 1999 I graduated the Foreign Language school, Aleko Konstantinov in Pravets. In 2004 I got my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics with English and Chinese languages at the Veliko Tarnovo University. Later, in 2007, I got my Master’s degree in English Philology at the same university.

I must admit I entered the profession accidentally. I wasn’t convinced it was for me. I thought I would try it for a year or two until I find out what exactly I would like to do for a living. It turned out I loved it! And I have never regretted taking the decision to give it a go. Although it is quite a challenging profession, I truly enjoy it.

In my career I’ve taken part in several international projects funded by the EU. I am also a qualified interviewer and assessor for the Pearson English International Certificate oral exams. I have had the chance to cooperate with numerous wonderful colleagues (not only from Bulgaria).

But my greatest inspiration of all are my students and I am happy to say I learn things from them, too. Once, a colleague of mine told me that good students are the ones who make a teacher become good. I am thankful for having had the chance to work with all the students I’ve had. The experience has made me who I am today.

I believe the relationship between a student and a teacher is very special and always based on love, trust and loyalty. Teaching is not simply giving instructions – it is guiding, supporting, motivating and carefully listening to the students.